Empowering Providers through Our Fibre infrastructure


We can provide expertise in network planning, deployment, and management to help create a robust and efficient wholesale fibre optic network.

Strategic Network Planning

We carefully evaluate coverage areas for our wholesale fibre optic network, targeting regions with high demand and a need for improved connectivity. Drawing on over 35 years of expertise in cabling installation design and fibre services, CoreFibre Networks excels in delivering tailored, reliable connectivity solutions to cater to your distinct needs.

Experience Unmatched Connectivity

Discover Exceptional Connectivity Solutions

At CoreFibre, our cutting-edge broadband network promises exceptional benefits for your development. Our team's extensive experience spans across various sectors, serving Developers, Hotels/Hospitality, Student Accommodation, Gated Communities, Health, Education, Strata Communities, and Building Management.

Our skilled engineers collaborate closely with you to design, build, and manage reliable state-of-the-art broadband solutions. Compliant with Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) and NBN regulations, we ensure seamless and compliant connectivity.

Revolutionising Speeds

Up to 10,000Mbps per End User

Our technology solution is built upon the robust foundation of Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON). With a clear progression path to a 10GPON service solution, we're capable of delivering an astonishing up to 10,000Mbps per end user. Our commitment to innovation drives us to incorporate the latest ideas, products, and features, ensuring that both our residential and business-grade services remain future-proofed across Australia.

Furthermore, our network is designed to be accessible by ISPs across Australia, facilitated by our national network peering with the Internet Exchange of Australia (IXA). This extensive peering infrastructure enhances connectivity and optimises data exchange, providing a seamless digital experience for all our users. Unleash the full potential of connectivity with CoreFibre.