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high-speed and reliable internet connectivity in hotels, student accommodation & Serviced apartments

Fast Reliable Broadband Solutions

Hotels, Student Accommodation, Serviced apartments including mixed-use development.

Your Infrastructure Central Nervous System

Our managed, single-core fibre network designed to provide tenants with an optimised, future-ready data environment. It plays a key role in maximising financial returns for your hotels, student accommodation and serviced apartment infrastructure, serving as its central nervous system.

The advantage of partnering with CoreFibre

Our Fibre networks can deliver ultra-fast internet speeds, allowing hotel guests and tenants to enjoy seamless browsing, streaming, and online services.

  • Billing and managing your embedded telecommunication infrastructure: Our Fibre network not only cater to guest connectivity but also support hotel operations such as billing and management software. 
  • High Internet Usage: Student accommodations house a large number of students who are heavy internet users. Our network can handle the high bandwidth demands created by simultaneous streaming, downloading, and other data-intensive activities.
  • Future-proof and supporting emerging technology: CoreFibre Networks provide a future-proof infrastructure that can support emerging technologies and increasing bandwidth requirements. This ensures that student accommodations can adapt to evolving connectivity needs and advancements in digital learning.
Fibre for Hotels, Students & Serviced ApartmentsFibre network for Hotels, Students & Serviced Apartments

Implementing backbone-fibre to ensure optimal performance

Design and Installation

CoreFibre assist our clients by designing and planning a network infrastructure that meets the specific needs of the hotel or serviced apartments. This involves assessing the property layout, number of rooms or units, expected user density, and bandwidth requirements. Our network design considers factors such as fibre routes, equipment placement, and connectivity points.

We design and Install active network equipment, including switches, routers, and optical line terminals (OLTs) or Ethernet switches for fibre-to-the-room (FTTR) deployments. These devices enable connectivity distribution and management throughout the property.  Our products used are carefully selected to support the anticipated bandwidth requirements and scalability.