Apartment Developments

Future-proofing smart developments with a Scalable core fibre network

Scalable Connection

CoreFibre help developers deliver tenants with an optimised, future-ready data environment and maximise financial returns on their Apartment Development.

Your Infrastructure Central Nervous System

Our managed, single-core fibre network designed to provide tenants with an optimised, future-ready data environment. It plays a key role in maximising financial returns for your Apartment Developments infrastructure, serving as its central nervous system.

Seamless connectivity requires a seamless infrastructure

CoreFibre specialise in Gigabit Passive Optical Networks, providing high-speed internet connectivity in residential apartments on a small to large scale.

CoreFibre is a wholesale fibre operator, compliance with NBN legislation but innovative in the technology and fibre optic solutions, Wi-Fi networks and ultra-fast broadband infrastructure they can’t deliver. CoreFibre is an open access wholesale provider and so ALL ISPs have equal access to the base network.
We add the following advantages:

  • High Bandwidth: GPON networks offer symmetrical speeds up to 2.5 Gbps for fast and reliable internet, ideal for streaming, gaming, and video conferencing.
  • Fiber Optic Infrastructure: GPON networks use fiber optics, providing stable internet with low latency and immunity to interference, perfect for densely populated areas.
  • Shared Bandwidth: GPON networks allocate bandwidth based on demand, ensuring fair distribution among apartment residents.
  • Scalability: GPON networks easily accommodate varying-sized apartment complexes, adding subscribers without major infrastructure upgrades.
  • Cost-Effective Deployment: GPON networks save costs by utilising existing ducts or conduits within apartment complexes for fiber optic cable installation.
  • Reliability and Service Quality: GPON networks offer consistent connectivity with minimal downtime and disruptions for residents, thanks to robust fiber optics.
  • Value Addition for Apartments: GPON-equipped apartments gain a competitive edge with high-speed internet, a crucial factor for tenants in choosing a place to live.
Fibre for Apartment DevelopmentsFibre Network for Apartment Developments

Partnering with Developers

Network design, installation and ongoing management for your development

We understand the important to consider factors like network security, scalability, and service-level agreements (SLAs) when selecting an ISP or service provider to ensure that the GPON network meets the specific requirements of the apartment complex and its residents. We keep our developers involved and up to date from start to completion of every project.

When implementing our CoreFibe Networks in apartments our team are experienced network infrastructure providers and work with several well known Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  We will assist with network design, installation, and ongoing management to ensure optimal performance and resident satisfaction.

Our completed networks are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year through our Network Operation Centres (NOC) based in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast.