Aged Care & Retirement Villages

Future-proofing smart developments with a Scalable core fibre network

Scalable Connection

CoreFibre help developers deliver tenants with an optimised, future-ready data environment and maximise financial returns on their Retirement-Aged care developments.

Your Infrastructure Central Nervous System

Our managed, single-core fibre network designed to provide tenants with an optimised, future-ready data environment. It plays a key role in maximising financial returns for your Aged Care & Retirement Village infrastructure, serving as its central nervous system.

Seamless connectivity requires a seamless infrastructure

Reliable connectivity, security, and ease of use

When considering internet solutions for your aged care facilities, there are a few key considerations to ensure reliable connectivity, security, and ease of use for residents and staff. Here are some potential internet solutions for aged care facilities:

  • High-Speed Broadband: Aged care needs high-speed internet for telehealth, entertainment, and staff operations. Fiber-optic or leased lines provide the necessary bandwidth.
  • Wi-Fi Networks: Secure, reliable, and seamless connectivity for all throughout the facility, including common areas, resident rooms, and outdoors.
  • Guest Network: Separate internet for visitors, ensuring data security and privacy.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Integration: Enhance care with secure, reliable connectivity for remote monitoring and resident well-being
  • Network Security: Protect resident data with robust measures like firewalls, secure Wi-Fi, updates, antivirus, and data encryption
  • User-Friendly Portals: Easy internet access for residents and staff, including email, video calling, and entertainment
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Partnerships: Reliable ISPs specialised in aged care ensure tailored, secure internet solutions, meeting specific needs like data security and telehealth prioritisation
  • Technical Support: Promptly resolve connectivity issues with readily available help from IT staff or the chosen ISP
  • Compliance and Privacy: Meet data protection regulations, safeguard resident data in internet solutions
  • Scalability and Future-Proofing: Prepare for growth by choosing adaptable internet solutions with increased bandwidth and support for emerging technologies.
Fibre for Aged Care & Retirement VillagesFibre Network for Aged Care & Retirement Villages

Cabling & Installation

Fixtel, our Cabling and Installation partners have been involved in infrastructure projects for over 35 years across Australia. They provide our project managers, splicing technicians and cabling personnel.

Fixtel specialise in:

  • Small to medium apartment complexes
  • Greenfield
  • Brownfield – why wait for NBNCo?
  • Medium apartment complexes (100-250 apartments)
  • Large apartment complexes or multi building developments (250 plus)
  • Build to rent developments
  • Mixed use developments – Apartments, Serviced apartments and Retail 
  • Shopping complex
  • Retirement and life style over 50's communities
  • Student accommodation
  • Hotels or serviced apartments (100% of the development) or including standard apartments as a mixed development
  • Gated resort community
  • Commercial building's
  • Student accommodation
  • Broadacre communities