Pit & Pipe

design, installation & connection FOR greenfield residential

Elevate Your Connectivity Experience

From dedicated telco pit and pipes to in-house expertise, CoreFibre delivers exceptional connectivity solutions that redefine industry standards.

Navigating Regulations, Simplifying Connectivity

Say goodbye to dealing with NBN Co and other Telcos – we handle it all, ensuring uncomplicated connectivity from start to finish.

The CoreFibre Advantage

Regulation-Ready Connectivity Simplified

In our commitment to a seamless experience, our network solutions align completely with the Federal Government National Broadband Network Strategy and the "Telecommunications Infrastructure in New Developments" (TIND) policy. With CoreFibre as your licensed telecommunications carrier, all requisite Telecommunications Compliances are our responsibility.

Setting the Foundation for Connectivity

At CoreFibre, our commitment to excellence shines through in our comprehensive approach. We go beyond ordinary installations, crafting a seamless experience that resonates through every connection we establish.

By deploying our dedicated telco conduits through meticulously laid trenches and conduits beneath the ground's surface, we engineer a network infrastructure tailored for optimal fibre optic broadband delivery. This commitment is mirrored in our distinct separation from power sources, ensuring uninterrupted and secure services for residences, apartments, townhouses, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

Innovative In-House Expertise

What sets us apart from the competition is our unwavering dedication to self-reliance. CoreFibre stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality due to our in-house capabilities. From conceptualisation to execution, our team takes pride in delivering pioneering solutions coupled with unparalleled service levels, which translate into exceptional customer satisfaction. Our journey, rooted in operations since the mid-eighties, has been marked by milestones that have redefined industry standards. At CoreFibre, we don't just provide solutions – we create legacies of connectivity.


What is a Telecommunications Licence in Australia? 

A Telecommunications Licence in Australia is a regulatory authorisation granted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to individuals, businesses, or organizations that wish to provide telecommunication services. It is a legal requirement for entities operating in the telecommunications sector.

Why is a Telecommunications Licence required in Australia? 

The Telecommunications Licence is required to ensure that telecommunication services are provided in compliance with Australian laws and regulations. It helps to maintain the quality and integrity of telecommunication services while protecting consumer interests and ensuring fair competition in the industry.

What types of Telecommunications Licences are available in Australia?

In Australia, there are several types of Telecommunications Licences, including Carriage Service Provider (CSP) Licence, Carrier Licence, and Radiocommunications Licence. Each type of licence covers specific activities and services in the telecommunications sector.

How can a company or individual obtain a Telecommunications Licence in Australia? 

To obtain a Telecommunications Licence in Australia, an application must be submitted to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). The application process involves providing relevant documentation, demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements, and paying the necessary fees.

What are the responsibilities of a Telecommunications Licence holder in Australia? 

The responsibilities of a Telecommunications Licence holder in Australia include complying with the Telecommunications Act and relevant regulations, ensuring the quality and reliability of services, protecting customer privacy and data, and cooperating with regulatory authorities when required.

How is the telecommunications sector regulated in Australia? 

The telecommunications sector in Australia is regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). ACMA oversees compliance with the Telecommunications Act, issues licences, allocates spectrum, and enforces regulations to maintain a fair and competitive market.

Can a Telecommunications Licence be revoked in Australia? 

Yes, a Telecommunications Licence can be revoked in Australia if the licence holder fails to comply with regulatory requirements, breaches licence conditions, or engages in unlawful or anti-competitive practices.

Are there any specific requirements or qualifications to apply for a Telecommunications Licence in Australia?

The requirements for obtaining a Telecommunications Licence in Australia may vary depending on the type of licence sought. Generally, applicants must demonstrate their technical and financial capability to provide telecommunication services and comply with relevant regulations.

How long is a Telecommunications Licence valid in Australia?

The validity period of a Telecommunications Licence in Australia varies based on the type of licence and the conditions set by the regulatory authority. Some licences may be issued for a fixed term, while others may be renewable annually or for longer periods.

What types of telecommunication services can be provided under a Telecommunications Licence in Australia?

A Telecommunications Licence in Australia allows the holder to provide a wide range of telecommunication services, including voice services, data services, internet services, and radio communication services.